Where is being Trauma-Informed helpful and why?

Core Course | taught by Elizabeth Power

Course description

The most commonly accepted history of trauma-informed care placed is as a tool for social services agencies and mental health systems. In the last few years, it's become apparent that it belongs in many more environments--and in this short course, you'll learn more about different environments where TIC is important.

You'll also learn a little about why TIC is important in these environments, and think a little about how it can be useful to people in education, industry, and academia as well as in health care and faith communities.

Elizabeth Power
Elizabeth Power
Master Facilitator

With more than two decades helping people learn about trauma, Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is a master facilitator. Her firm provides services worldwide helping organizations implement Risking Connection(R), address organizational changes required to become trauma-responsive, and focus on reframing the experience of relating to survivors of traumatic experiences. She is also known for her work in creating replication materials for evidence-based treatments and for helping people adapt programs to reflect their culture and values.

Perhaps equally important is that she brings lived experience to the work, reflecting not just current theory and research but also the process of recovering from overwhelming experiences in her life.

She has worked with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, the National Center for PTSD, Children's Institute of Los Angeles, Indian Health Services, Hale Kipa, the Queen's Hospital in Honolulu, Ku Aloha Ola Mau, Salvus Clinic in Moncton NB, and many more. She delivers instructor led training to over 2000 people each year.

Course Curriculum

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How widespread is the impact of trauma?
Who are we talking about?
Who responds to people who have traumatic experiences?
Your Turn!
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Trauma-Responsive Systems in healthcare
In Mental Health settings...
At the doctor's office
In the dental office...
QUIZ: Check your thinking
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In non-profit and public social services settings
In the Not-for-Profit setting
In public settings
QUIZ: Is it so?
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TIC and Schools
In the educational system
Why Trauma-Informed teaching is critical
QUIZ: Check your learning
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In every business
Workplace responsiveness to trauma
QUIZ: What do you know?
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Faith communities and trauma
Informed by trauma
QUIZ: What did you learn?
Final activity
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