Those pesky feelings!

  • Who helps you learn about feelings?

    Everyone--and what you learn in your first years lays the foundation. If you miss that? Hey, guess what, everyone can learn, learn again, and even once more about feelings!

  • Why are they so important?

    Emotions and feelings bring us a lot of information that is important. The better our skills in identifying, expressing and managing feelings the more successful we are likely to be in work, at home, and as a friend.

  • Can you befriend them?

    Yes, you can. Learning what they are, how to increase and decrease the strength of them, their nuances? They're your strongest ally in your

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Defining Feelings

    • What are Feelings?
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    • Navigating this course
  • 2

    The Fear of Feelings

    • Why are People So Afraid of Feelings?
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  • 3

    Why Feelings Become Trouble

    • Feelings and Trouble
  • 4

    Healthy Feelings

    • What do Healthy Feelings Look Like?
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  • 5

    What is a Continuum?

    • Feelings and Scales
  • 6

    The Happiness Continuum

    • How to Create a Continuum for a Basic Feeling
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    • Fear
    • Anger
  • 7

    How to Use the Continua

    • Three Simple Questions
    • The Three Questions
  • 8

    Downloadable Workbook

    • Workbook The Trouble with Feelings


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