The ACEs Study

  • Major Study

    Asked over 19K people about their experience of nine specific Adverse Childhood Events and correlated to medical records.

  • Astounding Results

    Correlation between number of ACEs and major health issues is incredible. Impact goes across lifespan.

  • Critical Implications

    Adverse Childhood Experiences correlate with almost every major medical issue and mental health issues.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About the ACEs study

    • The researchers
    • What they asked
    • Who they asked
  • 2

    What they found

    • How many had ACEs
    • What having more ACEs meant
    • Conditions connected with the ACEs
    • How ACEs impact life span
    • The benefit of resiliency
    • DISCUSS: The results of the ACEs survey
  • 3

    Implications in health care

  • 4

    Mental health implications

  • 5

    The limits of the ACE study

    • Other ACEs
    • Demographics
    • Social resistance to implications


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