Take Change of Change!

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    Basics about change, how it impacts us, and how we can reframe it for success. Useful in any context!

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    Even the changes we choose can be more powerful than we thought! How do you analyze your choices before you make them? Each choice brings change.

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    Everything you'll learn in this course has been used over and over again. It's a mental model that has helped millions reframe their experience and get on the back end of the emotional leash!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Change?

    • Navigating this course
    • Defining change
  • 2

    The Feelings of Change

    • How change feels
    • TCC List of changes
    • TCC Considerations
  • 3

    Dealing with the Feelings of Change

    • Addressing how change feels
    • TCC Feelings of Change
  • 4

    Looking at the Benefits: Failure and Success

    • The Benefits of Failure and Success
    • TCC Benefits of Failure Analysis
  • 5

    Choosing the Benefits You Want

    • Shifting from failure to success
    • TCC Making the Shift
  • 6

    Self-Discipline or Discipling the Self

    • Moving from Self-Punishment to Teaching the Self
    • TCC How am I to Me
  • 7

    End of course quiz

    • Taking Charge of Change quiz


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