What is Trauma-Informed Care?

  • 1

    What is Trauma?

    • How to navigate this course
    • Multiple definitions
    • Discussion: How does a broader definition change your viewpoint?
  • 2

    How many people experience trauma?

    • A word about numbers
    • What do various reports say
    • Assume universal exposure
  • 3

    How does trauma impact people (overview)?

    • Compare the definitions for impact
    • Why impact varies
    • Brain, DNA, Body
    • Impact on beliefs and decision making
    • Impact on the self-capacities
    • Other areas of impact
  • 4

    What does Trauma Informed Care (TIC) mean?

    • Definition
    • Six key principles and select models
    • Beliefs and actions
  • 5

    Discuss: Your work and TIC

    • Engaging TIC


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