This course

  • Universality

    The impact of trauma affects every workplace, every family, and every person--even our pets.

  • Lifestyle choice

    Living trauma-responsive brings greater satisfaction, compassion, and care. It's an "everywhere" thing and in this course we'll help you learn why.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating through this course

    • Using Thinkific navigation tools (feel free to skip to the end)
  • 2

    How widespread is the impact of trauma?

    • Who are we talking about?
    • Who responds to people who have traumatic experiences?
  • 3

    Trauma-Responsive Systems in healthcare

    • In Mental Health settings...
    • At the doctor's office
    • In the dental office...
  • 4

    In non-profit and public social services settings

    • In the Not-for-Profit setting
    • In public settings
  • 5

    TIC and Schools

    • In the educational system
    • Why Trauma-Informed teaching is critical
  • 6

    In every business

    • Workplace responsiveness to trauma
  • 7

    Faith communities and trauma

    • Informed by trauma
    • Final activity


Purchased alone, this course is $64.97. It is included in the Core Course Bundle, and in the Trauma-Responsive System.

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